You might be wondering why youth dirt biking? We will tell you how we look at it! These days kids are way ahead of their times with all the media, communication and technology devices. They don’t want to go around and play Frisbee or Volleyball- they want to get in on the kind of action they see on TV! They want to experience that adrenaline rush that you get from kids dirt bike racing.

We have a lot of opportunities in beginner dirt bike designed exclusively for kids. We offer high quality motocross tracks near Dallas, TX with options such as ATV riding, dirt bikes and quad wheelers. You see kids will be kids and you can’t stop them from doing all the things they like. This is why if your kids are into dirt biking, you need to create zones where you can ride dirt bikes safely.

That’s where we score. We have the provisions for providing the youth with premium motocross practice tracks while minimizing the risks accidents and injuries. Youth motocross racing is a phenomenon that is a rage these days. And with the necessary precautions in place, we think that it can be very good adventure sport for your kids.

Our local dirt bike tracks give your kids the opportunity to spend more time outdoors constructively. Think about it for a split second- what do your kids usually go over the weekends? Oh that’s right! They would probably be playing their video games or aimlessly surfing the net. But that can’t be very good for them right?

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Our beginner dirt bike riding track help your kids stay fit, healthy and agile. Just being on the dirt bike tracks can help them to develop better focus, motivation and also have loads of fun.

So first and foremost, we want to dispel the notion that many people have about dirt biking- that is risky, dangerous and definitely not suitable for kids. While it may be partially true in many cases but definitely not with us. Our youth’s security and safety is our prime concern and we work double hard to ensure that they don’t run into any trouble. We want to promote the concept of youth dirk biking as a dependable sport for your kids.

If you are looking to find dirt bike tracks near you, then you don’t need to look any further. We give you state-of-the-art motocross tracks for kids with lots of options and opportunities. So what are you waiting for??? Get on to the youth dirt bike motocross brigade right now!!!! Hurry!!!


We are open for practice Everyday. Please call (214) 551-0489 for any questions or information, thanks.                

Hours of Operation:
Monday -Sunday sun up to sun down (subject to weather)
Note: If you would like to ride after dark, please call Kevin to request track lighting (214) 551-0489
Please call if you have any questions regarding practices, races, weather or hours of operation.

3115 Cr 601, Farmersville, TX 75442

KEVIN  (214) 551-0489



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